Good leaders never stop learning. I'm committed to ignoring the noise and discussing policy with New Yorkers across the 49th district and beyond.


  • Address budget deficit by creating new streams of revenue in the stock transfer tax and recreational marijuana, instead of taking measures that will increase an already high tax burden on New Yorkers

  • Fully fund our public schools - there are many children across who are not receiving quality education because our state government haven't kept their promise to fulfill foundation aid to public schools.

  • Economic recovery should prioritize affordable housing and robust social programs designed to guide New Yorkers to an independent lifestyle

  • Major pieces of legislation should not be a part of the budget

Economic Recovery
  • ​Health and Economic experts should dictate the timing and manner of reopening New York's economy. 

  • Identify where regulations can be responsibly reduced to encourage more business activity in New York. **Environmental and health regulations should not be reduced to meet this goal.**

  • Increase penalties for exploitative and deceptive business practices in a more open business environment.

  • Encourage partnerships between upstate and downstate businesses to keep New York dollars in New York

  • Create incentives for companies to quickly return to pre-pandemic staffing levels when appropriate

  • Demand Federal funding to support battered state and local economies

Criminal Justice
  • Give judges more discretion to hold dangerous offenders pending the outcome of their trial

  • Protect first responders, witnesses, and victims of crime from harassment or retaliation

  • Support police agencies so evidence can be efficiently collected and processed

  • Process backlogged "rape kits" at state police laboratory

  • Amend statute 50-a to define "personnel records", when records shall be disclosed, and to mandate civil review boards in every police jurisdiction. 

  • Medicaid overspending highlights a great need for basic healthcare coverage

  • Restructure medicaid to best meet the needs of New Yorkers

  • Keep the medicaid cap on counties to avoid local tax increases

  • Recognize that reproductive healthcare is a part of basic healthcare

  • Fully fund our public schools - this is worth mentioning again

  • Expand professional and industry-specific training programs to improve the quality of our talent pool

  • Encourage more collaboration between high schools, BOCES, and SUNY

  • Reject "all or nothing" politics that cause stagnant government

  • Voters deserve to be presented with real ideas, not rhetoric and personalities

  • Leaders know when to stop campaigning. They legislate with everyone in mind

  • Real progress can only be sustained when everyone has a seat at the table

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